Laser Screed


The laser screed is a four-wheel drive, all-wheel steer, chassis tractor machine, that utilizes a 360° rotating platform with a telescopic boom.  The end of the boom is a screed head that is a plough and auger that cuts the concrete to level and a vibrating beam to compact the material.  The screed head boasts a laser-guided, automatic control system.  This system allows the machine to accurately place and finish concrete to the exact level and finish specified.  There are 2 receivers, on the screed head, that receive signals from the static laser transmitter which provides a constant reference to the datum level.  This transmitted signal functions to automatically adjust the hydraulic cylinders that guide the screed head.

What it does:

At the commencement of a pour, the wet material is poured onto the slab area from the supplier’s delivery truck.  Once material placement has begun the laser screed is mobilized into position.  At his point the telescopic boom extends over the concrete, maneuvering the head to the start position.  As the boom retracts it compacts and levels the material, producing a flawlessly flat slab.  This process allows for consistent material delivery, across a vast surface area, in a minimal time frame.

Laser Screed




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