S-840 Laser Screed

New S-840 is the name you can trust for innovative and productive concrete placing and leveling solutions.


3D Paving Services!

The 3-D Profiler is a technological breakthrough which allows concrete to be placed over contoured sites automatically using our Laser Screeds.


Soff Cutting Services!

A unique early entry cutting system that allows cutting at within 1 to 2 hours of finishing.  This technique minimizes the risk of random cracking, giving you the best finished product possible.


Laser Grading Services!

The laser grading box utilizes lasers, machine control technology, and a digital proportional valve to dramatically increase grade accuracy. Using this technology, our operators can reach grade faster and easier.

Laser Screed Services!

The Screed has an automatic laser control system that ensures an accurate level finish through the use of electro-hydraulic controls.


Place & Finish Services!

We provide place and finish services for various types of projects.  We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your scheduling and budgeting needs.


FF/FL Dipstick Floor Testing!

More and more developers, building owners and large warehouse facility operators are requiring very flat and level floors.


  • Laser Screed
    The laser screed is a four-wheel drive, all-wheel steer, chassis tractor machine, that utilizes...
  • Laser Grading
    Laser grading eliminates the need for an on-site survey crew. The accuracy of...
  • Place & Finish
    TechniCon has earned a solid reputation as an exceptional subcontractor in the concrete construction...

Laser Screed

Welcome to TechniCon!
& Floor Finishing Specialists!

Welcome to TechniCon Construction, a leader in the concrete industry.

The finished product

Our superior workmanship consistently produces a flawless finished product.  To ensure this result we invest in the most technologically advanced equipment available.  Our team has extensive training with an emphasis on safety.  Through years of training and on-site experience we have perfected our craft.  Our collective expertise allows us to address project concerns and execute demanding solutions for you.

The bottom line

Knowledge and skill contribute to maintaining an efficient and cost effective project.  We understand and meet the needs of project schedules, no matter how diverse or complex the requirements are.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism and look forward to successful and prosperous partnership.

Administrative tasks

Our friendly administrative staff is organized, knowledgeable, and experienced.  We have worked alongside our clients over the years to expedite the payment process.

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Superior Services

We provide concrete finishing services for a diverse array of projects. We offer floor placement, level-best grading, 3-D profiling, as well as SOFF-cutting to your precise specifications.
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The right equipment

The Laser Screeds. The 3D Profiler System. The Copperhead Laser Screed. The Power Rake. Soff-Cut Saws. Ride-on Trowel rentals. Our equipment is chosen for its ability to do the highest quality finish in the least amount of time. .